Paid Time Off

Policy #3.1070
Effective: 2/7/05

Paid time off (PTO) benefits are applicable to all regular full time and regular part time employees and shall accrue as follows:

Salaried Employees

Period of service
1st year 15 days
2nd year 16 days
3rd year 17 days
4th year 18 days
5th year 19 days
6th year 20 days
7th year 21 days
8th year 22 days
9th year 23 days
10th year 24 days
11th year & thereafter 25 days

Salaried employees shall receive 9.25 hours (monthly proration of fifteen days over twelve months) PTO for each full month worked from the date of hire through the end of that calendar year.

Executive Vice President, Provost, Associate Provosts, Vice Presidents, Associate Vice Presidents, and Deans shall receive 25 days of PTO per year, pro rated monthly for the first year of employment at the monthly rate of 15.75 hours.

Hourly Employees

Period of service
0 - 3 months none
3 mos. - 2 years 15 days
3rd year 16 days
5th year 17 days
7th year 18 days
9th year 19 days
10th year & thereafter 20 days

Hourly employees, upon completion of their initial ninety days of employment, or an extension of same, will receive PTO benefits as follows: (a) office employees: 9.25 hours, or (b) service employees: 10 hours (monthly proration of fifteen days over twelve months) of PTO for each month worked through the end of the calendar year.

General Information

  1. The purpose of the use of PTO benefits is at the discretion of the employee (i.e., PTO can be used for
    vacation, personal business, brief illness (less than three days in duration), intermittent use under the FMLA,
    or for medical/dental appointments that cannot be scheduled during non-working hours). Anticipated use is
    to be requested of and approved by the employee's supervisor.
  2. Illness for which the Short-Term Disability Bank benefit shall be utilized is illness requiring three or
    more consecutive days off work or intermittent use of designated FMLA. Use of the STDB requires a written
    physician certification, and is described in detail in policy #3.1080, Short-Term Disability Bank (STDB) of
    sick days.
  3. The University's PTO period is July through June. Employees accrue one-twelfth (1/12) of their
    annual allotment for each calendar month worked. PTO for a given calendar year may be taken prior to
    accrual subject to the employee reimbursing the University for any used but not yet accrued time taken at the
    time the employee leaves employment. PTO must be used in the same calendar year in which it is accrued,
    except that up to five (5.0) days of unused PTO may be carried into the next year, for use on or before
    June 30 of that year.
  4. Regular part-time employees as defined in Policy 1.1050, Employee Categories, shall receive 50%
    PTO&STD benefits.
  5. Terminating employees will receive payment for accrued but unused PTO, including any carry over
    PTO as allowed in paragraph 3. For this purpose the employee shall be deemed to have accrued 1/12 of
    his/her annual accrual for each full or partial calendar month worked. Employees who leave employment
    having taken more PTO than had accrued at the time of termination are required to reimburse the employer
    for any excess PTO taken. The employee will be required to complete the PTO Repayment Authorization
    form (Exhibit 14).
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