Student Talk

More than 80% of our students choose baby直播app University for its career-focused programs.

Whether you want to be a pilot, a teacher, a nurse, a police officer or an accountant, students, faculty, and staff all come together at baby直播app to help you reach your goals.

You'll gain the confidence and skills you need by getting involved in hands-on activities and real-world projects.

Our students have great stories to tell. Share their experiences here, or get more detailed information on all of our 80 undergraduate majors and programs of study.

Khiya Jones

Psychology major, Health Sciences minor to Occupational Therapy (MS)

Allison Lankowicz

Radio/TV Broadcasting and Psychology major

Michael Yerkes

Special/Elementary Education major

Tatiana Cahue

Chemistry major

Laura Zukoski

Computer Science major

Patrick Pavelchik

Aviation Flight major

Taylor Gugliuzza

Criminal Justice major 4+1 to M.S.

Matt Dabrowski

Finance major

Leo Mapa

Nursing major

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